Monday, May 24, 2010

New Beginnings

That last post was the final segment of my jaunt down memory lane, back tracking to Vietnam from where we returned at the beginning of March. That leaves almost two months to be accounted for. If you have been re-directed from, apologies for any repetition here.

The month of March was mostly more non-eventful waiting. Then April came, as did the long awaited contract and we gleefully set about planning our move. Before it was a signed, sealed and done deal however, internal politicking got involved and the job, along with our future plans evaporated in a puff of smoke. We could, of course, have kept searching for alternative positions over there but after waiting for so long, we'd lost our motivation for the move and with the first few sunny days in Shanghai, it was easier to think about the possibility of staying here and that is exactly what we've decided to do.

A timely phone call from a friend about the Canton Fair spurred Flo into action, a catalyst for the idea he’s been nurturing to set up a business of his own. The Canton Fair is a huge, and I mean HUGE, gathering of Chinese suppliers, offering everything imaginable under the sun for trade and export and so off he went, looking to develop the plan that was beginning to come together in his head. He came back with a suitcase full of brochures and a brain brimming with ideas and it was decided. I would look for a job and where possible continue to freelance and he would launch his business empire.

And so far so good – I should be starting a new job in June (more to come on that when the contract is signed!) and Fordos enterprises is slowly beginning to take shape. My freelancing has also been going well (copy writing, editing and proofreading services) with some regular clients and a few one off gigs. Mostly reworking websites and so on for non-native speakers, I hope to keep it going, along with the full time job. So fingers crossed, things are on the up and up but now its time for lunch – ta ra x

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  1. Oh no, what a pain! On the bright side, it sounds like you both have plenty going on... Looking forward to the next instalment. x